Relax, Enjoy more time with friends and Family

Pink Ribbon Maids are here to help!

Who are Pink Ribbon Maids

Pink Ribbon Maids, was established to assist the State of Queensland with employment opportunities, assist families to have more free time together, create a social life for people, and relieve stress, all whilst raising money for Woman’s Cancers Research by providing them with 10% of all profits raised. 

Trained and experienced

When you call Pink Ribbon Maids, you will speak with friendly and dedicated Customer Service team. These team members will assist you with every transaction, from arranging your first cleaning service to securing replacements or fill-ins should your cleaner be away for any reason. Our Customer Service team also act as a point of contact for your cleaner & we can relay any messages or act in your interest to resolve any issues that might arise. It’s that easy!

Our Pink Ribbon Maids

Our reputation, both a domestic and a commercial cleaning company here in Queensland is important to us, as is the safety and security of you, your family and your home. This is why we go to great lengths in the choice and registration of our cleaning team. They are wholly checked to authenticate their honesty and reliability. All Pink Ribbon Employees are interviewed thoroughly and have their references checked. By having an in-depth consultation, we are able to establish what your needs are, and therefore we can match you with the right Pink Ribbon Maid.

Cheap and Affordable

As much as we would love to assist you to have a better, healthier and more sociable lifestyle, we understand that not everyone can afford to have a Pink Ribbon Maid visit and do a clean for them, so we have set in place a weekly and fortnightly payment plans to help give you the break you deserve, even if it is only once in a blue moon!

Our mission is to give back “time”, to our clients, so that they can enjoy and treasure the finer things in life, such as friends, and family, or to help our clients start ticking off their bucket list.